A fun time for every parent raising a kid is when it comes time to potty train. To me I would probably have a hard time training any kid currently in my life how to use the bathroom. I mean it just something I know naturally know how to do now. So this blog will be very helpful for me and other likes me who has no idea what to expect when it comes to potty training.

So let’s start off with some basics:

One thing you need to be sure of is that your toddler is ready to potty train, not just for you. This will make it easier if they want to do and that why it isn’t battle trying to force them do so. If forced it may take longer for your kid to learn how to potty train or to at least actually do what you are asking them to do.

How do you know that your child is ready to be potty trained? Well their are some physical signs and behavioral signs that can help indicate if they want to begin the potty process. Has longer period of being “dry” like during naps or for at least two hours. They have a regular form of bowel movements that can easily be predicted. They also start to show a desire for Independence. Sometimes that will ask you before you ask them about potty training. They show interest in the bathroom and how things in one works. Just having a more basic development of cognitive and physical abilities that help show that your child is physically (not mindset wise) ready to be potty trained.

I see multiple articles for how to potty train in a week or how to potty train in three days. I have no idea how long this is suppose to take on average for kids to efficiently be able to use the potty without majority of the adult’s help, but three days seem like a bit too quick for a child to move from diapers to peeing and popping in the toilet.


Now that your child is ready to potty train what do you do? How do you go about them throught the process. Well,

  1. you mentally prepare yourself and your child what is about to happen. Make sure you have a conversation that lets the child know what is going to go on from now on with the training
  2. buy the right equipment. Instead of them using the grown up toilet right away, which can be very intimidating, buy them a smaller potty that mimics the bigger toilet and then move up the kid seat that you would place onto the toilet.
  3. design a routine. Start figuring out your child’s bowel movement and set a schedule that allows you to use those times once or twice a day to practice with a potty.
  4. demonstrate. A good way for children to learn is imitating what the adult is doing. So practice peeing while sitting down with your child and showing the steps they would take from start to finish.
  5. foster the habit. Let your child know that it is okay for them to sit on potty whenever they feel like they have to go, even if they don’t really have to go. This is help with practice of sitting on the toilet and patience for the child when it comes to potting.
  6. move up to training pants. This could be used as a reward when the child is moving up in the potty training process. This also lets your kid know that now is the time to stop peeing/pooping in diapers, but in the potty
  7. handle setbacks carefully. Problems will occur and sometimes you feel like you will have to restart another step over. That is fine and make sure the child knows that it is fine too. The more pressure and anxiety they get when learning to use the potty the longer and longer it will take.
  8. introduce night training. Up until this point your child should be in wearing training pants during the day and pull ups during the night since kids aren’t just yet able to control their bladder or movements at night. If they seem to start staying dry consistently throughout the night then you can use pull ups less and less frequently.
  9. You have completed potty training!


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