Did you ever meet that one couple who literally made everything childproof that when you went over you couldn’t open anything or use the bathroom?

Yeah me neither. I don’t see over childproofing like that or even at all, but I know some parents do it and some go over the top that it may feel like they childproof everything.

I believe that most parents who have their first kind of go over the top for child proofing, but then by their second kid it isn’t as much as a necessity as it was before. But why do we need to childproof? I mean we didn’t always have to and obviously people turned out fine.


In a basic answer it is to protect the child from certain dangers in the house. Usually it is outlets, stairs, cabinets that could contain cleaning products, fire places, and the other places that are dangerous to a toddler that doesn’t know why everything is yet.

The main areas of childproofing that you want to make sure to get, based off these articles, are the doors, stairs, balconies, basement, garage, and pools. Making sure you minimize the risk of your child being in this are the better.


Of course a big one that most parents do is fill in the electric sockets. Another basic type of childproofing would be covering sharp edges with cushions in case the child was the fall near it.

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