One thing I remember hearing from my close friend who is currently pregnant is that she does not want to give her baby a pacifier. From her experience, her younger brother was heavily dependent and she didn’t think it was good for him to be using one, so she is against. I told her she might change her mind if you were to want something to soothe her baby if they find that nothing else works.

I don’t think pacifiers are controversial, but people definitely have an opinion on whether they personally want to use pacifiers or not. Also, have different ideas of how long to use them and when to get rid of them. So here is a list of pros and cons of pacifiers.



  • a lot of articles talk about a study that found SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is reduced with pacifier usage.
  • good way to make sure your baby doesn’t pick up the habit of thumb sucking, since that would be harder to break
  • convenient and easy to carry around
  • allows the child to suck when full if it wants to continue to do so
  • it allows parents to calm their child while preparing to feed them


  • dependency can be hard for parent and child when trying to give the pacifiers
  • can contain a lot germs due to being dropped on the floor or thrown in bags
  • can cause problems while breastfeeding due to differences in a nipple and a pacifier

One article I read by BabyCenter suggest that you give the pacify around 1 month so by then they are healthy and growing due to a healthy eating habit whether it be bottle or breast milk. Then, give up the pacify around 1 year. Within that year do not overuse the pacify to make it easier to give up the habit.

They also suggest that you don’t give a baby a pacifier if they have trouble gaining weight or as a way to delay eating


For the most part just make sure you aren’t over using the pacifier and trying to find other ways that can also soothe your baby without always resorting to a pacifier.

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