You know what is really important: your sanity, your physical health, and your overall well-being.

These are things that sometimes hard working career women who are also mothers (even mothers in general) don’t get to keep up with. Sometimes it is hard to take care of yourself when you have to take care of the kids, the laundry, the dishes, paper work, your boss, your co-workers, your pets, and every other small thing that overcrowds your day.

I am a super big supporter of self-care. I’m only in college without a husband and without kids, but I work two part-time jobs and I am a full time student and life gets hard! I can’t imagine how hard it would be if I had a toddler running around or more!

So I want to help some mothers out there find a way to take care of them self because according to Kristina Kuzmic, you are a priority.

So here are some great self care tips for you to try!

  1. ask for help – how is this self care? Well by getting others around you to take part in the work load you will be able to carry less and find more time to relax
  2. take a bath
  3. go on a walk
  4. watch an episode of your favorite show
  5. eat your favorite snack: like that mom did when she was hiding from her kids in the pantry
  6. mediate – you can find many great mediation videos on YouTube or at http://marc.ucla.edu/mindful-meditations
  7. breathe – so this doesn’t have to be some form of meditation, but just having a quiet time to yourself to just breath and refresh your mind.
  8. exercise – definitely a great stress reliver that will make you feel healthy and happy
  9. take a nap – probably one of the best things you can do is get more sleep
  10. go out – whether it be with the girls or a nice night out with your partner
  11. read – this is a good one for me because I enjoy having a good book to read

If you want more self care tips in general or specifically for moms, Huffington Post has a forum where women post articles of the things that they do for self care! The link is here.

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