I don’t think I need to make an extravagant/extra descriptive title for this because I believe some people would already know exactly what I am about to talk about.

Why do we treat dads like crap.

Now I am not saying that you personally are being a rude, obnoxious person to your dad, but the world is being terrible to dads everyone. Especially when it comes to the media.

Dads are portrayed all the time as incapable, clueless humans when it comes to children. We are basically dumbing down the mentality of the father. If you ever seen a movie where the dad is left in charge then you notice that their is chaos, destruction, and overall panic throughout the whole experience. Other times the father is portrayed as uninterested in the child, lazy, or just plain stupid. A good example would be Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Al Bundy.

Why is it that we portray dads in such a horrible light?

The first image I have put up is how the media would portray your average dad, but would you believe when I say most dads actually want to participants in their child’s rearing?


For the longest time women have been the party that is expected to raise the children and all of their needs, while the dad works. An idea that is sometimes still expressed today, but should have long ago been forgotten. We live in a dual income society where men and women now work with the child being taken care of while they are gone by a third party. The dynamic has changed and so has the thoughts of all the dads out there, but because of the continued view of dads role in the raising of their children we have some discrepancies that also need to be fixed and that is that child rearing is a woman’s work:

  • “16 percent of men share the family work relatively equally” (Rubin, 1994 p. 260)
  •  “husbands were doing about 14 hours of housework per week (compared to 31 hours for wives)” (Kimmel, 2010 p. 163)
  • Fathers average only 5.5% hours a week [of childcare duties], mothers averaged closer to 20 (19.5) hours a week – a 350 percent difference” (Kimmel, 2010 p. 164)

This is crazy. Men don’t do anywhere close to women do and they both work!

So, how can we change this in the world around us?

  • Start uplifting dads: using encouraging words and changing our language to make it fit to being a dad, not a incapable slob!
  • Start engaging fathers early!: let boys babysit, get men involved with some of the work, let boys understand from a young age that they are capable and fully prepared in the future for raising their children.
  • “Raising” their children, not “babysitting”: dad’s don’t babysit. They do their job, which is something they signed up for when them and their partner decided to have children.
  • No more chaos!: no more portrayals of dad’s in the media as incompetent and uneducated about their children’s needs
  • Take charge!: take your role as a dad seriously and start carrying the workload. Don’t believe others when they tell you that you can’t because you know you can!

It is definitely getting better with more videos and people speaking up about the issues we place on dads. We just need to get going to change the way we view dad’s for the betterment of their relationship with their children and with the way they view themselves!

If you want watch dads being awesome hard working parents then watch these clips:

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