Okay, so there is nothing that bothers me more than when I see people getting upset about mothers breastfeeding. Why?!

Well, we have sexualized the mess out of women’s bodies, especially their boobs. Apparently an infant being feed is just too sexy for people that it has to be obscene. The argument that most people give back

Here is a very funny comic that shows the irony of those who are against breastfeeding in public.

oh the irony

And also a video: Breastfeeding in Public (Social Experiment)

And also research: Breastfeeding in public ‘still frowned upon’: Mothers made to feel ‘marginalized and ashamed’. study finds..

Like what more do I need to give you to help you understand that our view of public breastfeeding is messed up!

If the child was being bottle-fed you would not make the mother take it to the bathroom to feed it. Who wants to eat in a bathroom! You wouldn’t so why would you make a baby do so.

Then people talk about you wanting to cover them up. You wouldn’t cover up your whole head while eating. It would get hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. So why do we make mothers who breastfeed their babies do it?

One of my favorite moms here, Kristina Kumic, here to talk to you about why women should not breastfeed in public. Definitely worth the watch. “4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public”

My opinion. Let women breastfeed. It already hard enough being a new mother without having to deal with the public shaming you for being a good mother. Next time don’t stare at that woman kind of weird because she is feeding her child because if that child wasn’t there you would be a happy to see what she has going on.

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