Growing up I never thought of anything negative about co-sleeping. I assumed that was something that all parents did with their children. Also, I am not saying that co-sleeping is completely bad, it has positive aspects to it, but when we weigh the pros and cons which is better?

People believe that sharing a bed with your baby helps build stronger bonds, makes nursing in the middle of the night easy, and increases time spent with your baby. They also see co-sleeping as a way for both the mother and baby to get more sleep throughout the night

However, AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) strongly advises against sleeping in the bed due to safety reasons. This reason would rolling on the baby, suffocating due to pillows, or tangled into the blankets on the bed. Others also argue that there is actually less sleep for the adult due to the constant tossing and turning of infants in the bed.

A good way to avoid the cons and to enjoy all the benefits without sleeping in the same bed is allowing the child to stay in your in a crib or in a side bed that attaches to your bed. As shown below.



I myself would be too nervous to have the child right next to me in the bed. I enjoy the space of a big bed and like to move around a lot. I think the bed side crib a is perfect resolution to the cons by still allowing the child and mother experience the pros.

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