In this blog I want to discuss a topic that I find quite crazy that it is a conversation that needs to be had anyways and that is people of the LGBTQIA raising kids.

I have pretty strong ties to the community due to my personal self and to a lot of my friends who are also a part of this community. I baffles me the lack of acceptance that is had for this group of people, but sometimes you can see that it is getting better.

There was/is an issue of allowing members of the LGBTQIA community adopting kids. People believed gays and lesbians aren’t fit to be parents because:

  • they don’t have stable relationships
  • their sexual orientation will cause their children to grow up gay
  • lesbians and gays will more likely to molest their children (wow)
  • children raised by the LGBTQIA community will subjected to harassment
  • and many, many more reasons that have proven to not be true!!

Countless articles state that their is no evidence that LGBTQIA members who raise children will affect their child’s sexuality or that any of the children are at a disadvantage for having gay parents. There is just no evidence that any of the given points above are true.

However, there is evidence that sometimes, LGBT parents help kids for the better.
A study published in the journal Pediatrics (by Nanette Gartrell) “found that children raise by lesbian mothers scored very similarly to children raised by heterosexual parents on measure of development and social behavior…however, they were surprised to discover that children in lesbian homes scored higher than kids in straight families on some psychological measure of self-esteem and confidence, did better academically and were less likely to have behavioral problems…” (Park, 2010)

Now correlation doesn’t equal causation, but still, there is no evidence that says that the LGBT is worse at raising children then straight families. I mean there is insect, assault, abuse and other types violence in a heterosexual family, but that doesn’t matter because it “moral” to have a mother and a father.

In my opinion they are doing much better than the parents who couldn’t keep their kid to raise them, you know since thousands of children are in the foster care system and need homes! I believe that we should allow them to adopt children so that they can have a happy family and make some children sitting in the foster system happy.

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