So, while I was skimming for topics to talk about in my blog I came across a article about mom shaming. It was really interesting to read since it is definitely something I see a lot with women today. The biggest person judging you on how you raise your kids (as a mom) is other moms!

The article was written by a organization called CT Working Moms, which has a movement going on this topic. In this article one mother in particular talked about the realities and hardships of judging other moms. She admits that she has done, but, in her eyes, there is way to overcome this.

Everyone judges one another and it is just a natural thing. This mom believes that by training yourself to change your negative, judgmental to positive, understanding thoughts then it would definitely benefit mothers and the world in general. The writer talks about how it is more easy and socially acceptable for us to judge. If you see one mom do it and you follow the same there becomes a group where you at least know you are not the outcast like the mom you are judging.

There is even a movement ran by some mothers called the “Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood.” Their slogan is the love more and judge less. They have articles on moms confessing about things they feel guilty about or just a confession of how hard being a mom is. They also have official work writers who create article on topics like mental health, breast feeding, and more! If you are interested in reading these articles or want more information you can them here on their website.

One of my favorite moms who has her own YouTube channel and who I always see on Facebook is Kristina Kuzmic. I believe she currently has three children (one teen, one preteen, and a toddle) and she makes these videos to help other parents when it comes to parenting. She is mom who calls out the fact that parenting isn’t perfect and for the most part your life is just so messy and crazy. I love watching her video

Here is one of her videos where she brought in her kid’s pediatrician to let parents know that they don’t have to be this ideal of “perfect.” : “From a pediatrician: You don’t need to be perfect!

So to answer my question from the beginning, it is no! There are no perfect moms and there are no perfect, one way to raise every single child out there. Children are different and moms are different too.

And as a take home note for all moms who think they are not good enough, here is another video from Kristina with a personal story of her trials as a divorced mother dealing with depression called “Good Enough


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