Hey guys!

In this blog I am going to talk about a topic that has gotten very controversial recently and a lot of people are more against now then ever. That topic is SPANKING.

Now I know anyone reading this has gotten a “spanking”, “whooping”, or what my parents called them, a “popping.” I didn’t get a lot growing up, mostly because I was tiny enough to hide in small places and cry my eyes out telling my dad not to whoop me, but it didn’t stop him for threatening me and my brother if we were acting up.

In this day in age the views of spanking have changed, but by how much? In 2014, a study was done to find out attitudes towards spanking based off people’s gender, age, and education. Their results show that 65% of women believe that it’s “sometimes necessary to give a child a “good, hard spanking”, which is 22% lower than their views from 1986. For men, in 2014, 76% agreed with the same idea, whereas in 1986 it was 84%

This study also goes further to talk about some negative affects on children when it comes to spanking. According to , who did the study, they found that spanking has been linked with delinquency, anti-social behavior, and substance abuse. They believe that more positive outcomes will appear if using other methods of discipline that involve communication with the child.

My stance on this is that there are other ways to discipline your kids besides spanking them. I don’t believe in using a belt because I see it as a more of a way to scare your kid and I don’t know why you want your kid to be terrified of you. I also, can’t say that I wouldn’t pop my kid like on the mouth (which my mom did) or on the butt with my hand. It would depend on the situation, like say my child were to hit me in the face. Would a time out be good in letting my child understand that what they did was wrong?

In my opinion no, but something a lot of people need to realize is that each each is not going to respond the same to certain discipline styles. Some kids learn from spanking, some kids don’t (which in go into the positive and negative effects of spanking.) There are also so kids that learn from a time out, but then others don’t. Kids aren’t the same so the way we raise shouldn’t always be the same.

A good reference for other ways to discipline children instead of spanking is the book 1,2,3 Magic, which was recommended to me by my old abnormal psychology professor.


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